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Got a question? Maybe we’ve already answered it for you – check out our FAQ below:

Can I store my moderator on my rifle?

We recommend that moderators should always be removed after use. If stored fitted to rifle, the moisture created in use may cause irreparable damage to your barrel.

Will the zero of my rifle be the same with and without a sound moderator fitted?

Fitting a sound moderator to a barrel may shift point of impact (POI), however the amount of change depends on the type of rifle, ammunition, and sound moderator used. Once zeroed and POI set with the moderator fitted, there shouldn’t be any change each time you fit or remove the moderator.

Does fitting a sound moderator reduce accuracy?

A correctly fitted sound moderator should not reduce accuracy. It is more likely to increase in accuracy potential through additional recoil reduction and reduced acoustic concussion.

Can I use a larger bore moderator on my rifle? (e.g. 30 cal on 6.5)

Yes. Being less calibre specific will have some detrimental effect on noise reduction, but is perfectly usable.

Can the thread in my Wildcat moderator be changed to suit my new rifle?

Yes for all Evolution, Predator and Elite models. We recommend contacting one of our Authorised Retailers who can supply and change the thread insert for you.

Can you manufacture a custom thread size for my moderator?

Custom thread sizes may be possible but will be subject to the model of moderator and additional cost. You may find it more cost effective to screwcut the barrel to a more commonly available thread.

Can I use my moderator with lead free ammunition?

Yes. Bear in mind your rifle will need to have an appropriate twist rate to stabilise the lead-free projectile. Unstable projectiles may clip the moderator on exiting the barrel. Wildcat will not accept any liability as a result of damage caused from shooting inappropriate ammunition.

Can I use a moderator on a short barrel?

Yes. Barrel lengths below 20” tend to have increased muzzle flame, which reduces the effectiveness and lifespan of a moderator.

Can the diffuser in my moderator be replaced?

Yes for our Evolution and Predator models. If you contact one of our approved retailers, they can advise on the supply and fit of a replacement diffuser core.

How do I clean a sound moderator, is it necessary?

A moderator’s performance will benefit from some carbon build up, but general maintenance and cleaning will help increase service life of the unit, particularly units made with aluminum construction.

Please read the instructions specific to your moderator model here.

What does a moderator cover do?

Moderator covers reduce heat haze when firing multiple shots. These are ideal for competition use or when using a thermal optics. They also add a layer of protection for your moderator.

Click here to view covers from Praesidia rifle accessories.

Which moderator is best?

This depends on your requirements, there is always a trade-off between
• Noise reduction
• Weight
• Cost
• Durability
Check out our moderator compatibility guide here

What are the advantages to the different materials in your moderators?

Each material has pros and cons based on the application.

What are the advantages between front mounted or over barrel designs?

Front mounted units tend to aid barrel cooling and give a greater decibel reduction compared to a over barrel unit of equal size and design. Over barrel designs reduce the protrusion in front of the muzzle helping minimise the overall length of the barrel.

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